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Leg Day Workout

By Adaptogen Science December 11, 2017 0 comments

Leg Day Workout
by Adaptogen Science Athlete Joram Clervius

It is important to warm up first! Don't skip warming up - it reduces the chance of injury. Other benefits also include increased movement of blood through your tissues, making the muscles more pliable. It also increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Work smarter not harder with Adaptogen Science.


  • Barbell squats (go as heavy as you can while ensuring proper form 5 x12)
  • Seated Leg extensions (light to very heavy, 5 sets)
  • Leg Press Machine (form is more important than weight)
  • Shouldn’t be able to walk at this point
  • Alternate between lightweight 12 reps on hack squats and standing calf extensions
  • Lying leg curls (hamstrings, light for warmup)
  • Romanian deadlifts (right form, heavy, target glute, and hamstrings)
  • Seated Leg curls, alternate with seated calf raises.
  • Dumbbell Lunges (walk a distance to and from) – straight from this to another calf exercise
  • Standing Leg curls machine
  • End with some bodyweight squats
  • Good luck getting home!


Remember, nutrition is key for gains!
Whether you’re an average gainer or a hardgainer, remember to have a post-workout protein shake to spike insulin levels and induce anabolism (growth).

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